Tips & Advice for Earning with Paid to click Sites

If you are new to Paid to click (PTC) programs, there are some basic things you need to learn and remember. Otherwise you may be facing problems or may not get the most out of your time.

1. Choose which paid to click sites you will join

This is the most vital part. As I have already mentioned in the home page, there are many PTC sites on the internet. Many of them are not honest and do not pay the members. Some are not stable, means they are having difficulty in running business. You have to avoid these types of sites and should join only the legit sites that are good in business. So, before signing up with a PTC site, search for other users' comments over the internet. Don't just read reviews made by other affiliate sites, read the disscussions of mass people regarding that program. If you find that most of its users are satisfied, then you can go for it. Otherwise, if you find many angry or dissapointed users, you should avoid it. Another thing is, a new PTC site may be honest at the beginning and become scam later. So, always be cautious with new PTC sites and rely on those who are already established for years.

I have listed the best and most trusted paid to click programs that pay their members honestly and regularly. Sign up with these sites (listed below):

NeoBux Paid to click


ClixSense Paid to click


ScarletClicks Paid to click


GPTPlanet Paid to click


GoldenClix Paid to click


TrafficMonsoon Paid to click


2. When you are signing up, remember these

While signing up, use your real name and a valid email address. Because, some PTC sites will require your full name and some will send signup verification email.

Do not use the same password for all sites. Choose passwords seperately for each one. I know it is troublesome, but you have to do this for safety. Also, do not use the password which you used to sign up for your payment processor account (paypal, payza etc.) or you email address.

3. After you have signed up

Click ads daily. You can click each ad once daily. Each PTC site has its own server time and the ads reset according to that time. You have to keep track of the time, because it may not match your local time. This is also important regarding referrals. Most of the PTC programs will credit for your referral clicks only if you have clicked your own ads the previous day. If you do not know anything about referrals, don't worry. I am discussing about it later.

When you are finished with clicking the ads, visit the ad page few hours later if you can. Thus you will be able to find some new ads to click that have been added recently.

If you have the opportunity, visit the ad page just after reseting the server time. The highest number of ads are available when a new date hits the server.

4. Increase your PTC earning

Besides clicking ads, use the other earning opportunities, such as, tasks, offers, signups etc. The number of these vary according to location or country. I am not very fond of tasks or offers, but I have seen many people earning lot more from these rather than regular clicks.

Try to get some referrals. A referral is another user who signs up under you using your referral link. This type of referrals are called Direct referrals. Each user has his own unique referral link and you can promote this link in your personal website or social media sites to get referrals. You can also advertise your referral link of one PTC site in other PTC sites. You will get a certain percentage of the clicks made by your referrals and thus your income will be increased. The more the number of referrals, the more is the earning. If you make only $0.05 per day from a site, it is a small amount. But imagine what if you have 200 or 500 referrals and each one of them is generating $0.02 daily.

Another type of referral is Rented referrals. If you wish to have these, you have to invest money to rent them. They will produce income like the direct referrals, but you need to rent them for money for a certain period of time and have to renew them when they are going to expire. Again, I am not expert with renting referrals and so I advice you to study other users experiences & comments (usually found in the forum) and make a strategy according to what you have found. Do not be greedy and invest in renting without doing calculation.

5. Upgrade when you are ready

Every PTC program has upgraded memberships. When you joined, you were a standard (normal) user. If you purchase upgrade, you will get more money with your own clicks as well as referral clicks. But usually, if you do not have some direct referrals, upgrading is not profitable because your earning should be more than the upgrade cost.

If you do not have direct referrals but wish to rent referrals and upgrade, then it is risky. Not every program has same rented referral activity. So, hear what the other renters say, do your calculation and proceed only if you are sure about it.

6. Ignore bad sites and bad ads

While you are watching sponsored websites, you will come across many quick money making and investment sites. Such as 'Invest and get 150% of investment after 3 days'. These are basically fraudulant sites and if you invest, you will end up losing money. So, beware!

If you have finished reading the general tips described above, you can take a look on the specific tips for individual sites:

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