Tips for GPTPlanet

1. Strategy

Premium memberships have more ads than free (Standard) membership. Also, you will earn only 10% of the earning of your referral clicks while with a premium membership you will get 100%. But if you upgrade at the beginning, your clicks are not enough to cover the membership cost. So, begin with a free membership, collect direct referrals and when you have some active referrals, upgrade. You may have unlimited number of direct referrals even with the free membership.

2. Click daily

Both the free and premium members have to click at least 4 ads daily in order to earn from their referrals. So, if you have referrals, do not forget to click daily (according to the server time).

If you want to click the most number of ads, try to click just after resetting the server time (when a new date is started on the server). The server time will be displayed at the bottom bar when you have logged in.

3. Renting referrals

The average for rented referrals fluctates a bit daily, but still profitable (but not as much as ScarletClicks).

The rental fee varies according to the total number of referrals you have. Checkout the FAQ page to know details about the rental costs.

4. Payment processor

You are not required to invest in order to cashout. But if you do, the only restriction is that your payment processor must be verified. Which means, you cannot invest from an unverified Paypal or Payza.

Another loving feature of GPTPlanet is, you can invest from one processor and withdraw another processor. For example, you can add money from Payza and withdraw money to your Paypal account.